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Ludum Dare #27 - August 23rd-26th, 2013 (Theme: 10 Seconds)

A monstrous existence of burning gases was set in motion towards a planet.
God intervenes as time slows, a short time to act, what will you do?

Left-click on 'Send the seed' to start playing!

Controls: Left-click + Left-click (hold & drag/release)

Seize elements flying through space and hurl them towards the land. They will welcome this act of God.

..try and remember not to water the sheep. What don't you water? Sheep.

Developer notes:
Be sure to let me know what you think! Enjoy!
A full-screen/resizable version can be played at www.snkygames.com/LD27
Thank you for your time, this game jam game was made by J.M. (Snky) and G.S. (Undare) in ActionScript 3 (AS3).

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This 48-hour game jam was made for fun with love and care, for more information regarding what a game jam is or who the organiser of the event was, please visit: ldjam.com/about

Thank you for reading,
J. 18/03/18

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